Designed for dental. Built by Structo.


Dentistry deserves better 3D printing.

It’s true. No other industry 3D prints like ours. And yet we’re stuck with printers that weren’t even meant for dental. 

Aeronautical engineers are brilliant, sure. But they don’t know anything about dentistry.

That’s why we reinvented 3D printing from the ground up.

Our printers are made for mandibles and malocclusion; for making mountains of dental models without breaking the bank. Most importantly, they’re built for you, so you can build your dental business. 

From one digital dentistry company to another—you deserve better.


The dental 3D printer with ridiculously high throughput.
High throughput: you either got it or you don’t. And Dentaform’s got it in spades. It prints more dental models per hour than any other printer in its category—we’re talking 10 every 30 minutes. That’s enough to handle an entire aligner treatment plan over lunch.


The automated dental factory that scales with your business. 
If you’re printing thousands of dental models a day, you’re going to need some serious backup. Introducing Structo Elements, the automated dental factory that scales with your business.


The instant, automated dental appliance machine.
Velox is a desktop 3D printer that lets dentists effortlessly manufacture same-day dental appliances. Just upload an intraoral scan and we’ll handle the design and printing—all while your patient’s still in the chair.