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  • Large Lab (10+ employees): $250
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  • Dental/Ortho Practice: $250
  • Tech/Non Owner: $50
  • As a non-profit organization we appreciate donations.

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A Letter from the President…

Dear Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals,

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it wasn’t built for free. Your membership can help all of this become a reality.

I will be honest: once you sign up, pay the dues and enter the “members only” site, you will not find much. Yet. I have worked with my web designer and lawyer to get this far from out of my own pocket. The rest is up to you.

The plan is a centralized source of information and news that is now scattered throughout the internet. There will be news, columns, videos and discussion boards covering everything that we need to move into the future of our industry. That will take a lot more time.

It is really a dance right now. Potential sponsors want to know how many members there are and potential members want to know what is in it for them. The only thing I can respond to everybody is “it is coming.”

We have already made some great advances. The idea of forming an association for us, separate from dental labs, is accomplished. It is a legal non profit. Our conference is set for next year. LabDay East has invited us to be a part of their show in Philadelphia in September.


We came up with a lot of goals during our inaugural meeting. There was everything from legal help to health insurance to rotating venues for the conferences with more hands on classes for us.

For the “next,” I need to refer back to the home page of the website.

First: Community. Your membership says, “I want to be a part of this.” It gives us a greater voice with vendors and companies about our needs. It brings us together. We are all competitors but we are a community first. As a community, we are stronger.

Second: Education. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of searching through Facebook groups and websites to find information. I want to create a library, a data base. There is actually a ton of great information out there but it is all scattered. I want to bring it all together.

Third: Vision. Our industry is going through a massive shift unlike any other time in its history. Labs are going under. Other labs are prospering. Do we adapt to the changes or can we, as a community, nudge the changes to be better prepared for what comes next?

“Next” will be determined by how much revenue is generated by memberships and sponsorships. What I’d really like to do is hire a part time administrative assistant to just start combing through everything. I can only do so much.

“Next” will be determined by you.

Chris Gajewski

Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals