Orthodontics: Italian Style!

The history of Leone began in the workshop of Mario Pozzi, a resourceful craftsman in 1934, and today continues as cutting-edge orthodontic manufacturing. From the beginning, the name Leone and the adoption of the trademark lionhead, a Florentine symbol of excellence, have stood as benchmarks of quality and consistently emulated everyday by the company, its products, and its employees. In 1993, Leone became a member of the OMA (Orthodontic Manufacturers Association), joining the twelve leading orthodontic manufacturers in the world. Today, manufacturing takes place in Florence, Italy, in a state-of-the-art facility. All products are custom designed and fabricated to the be the best available option on the market.

On the other side of the globe, LeoneAmerica continues to sell the Leone line, which it has proudly done since 1971. Within more recent years, the new LeoneAmerica Dental Products, Inc has ventured to provide focused distribution and customer service to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

At Leone and LeoneAmerica, quality and customer service are paramount. These two goals drive the day-to-day functioning of both campuses and are considered at each step of the way. When you choose Leone products, you receive the benefits of our experience and innovative research, a product manufactured with superior quality standards, and service that ensures you, our customer comes first. Leone products are fabricated with only the highest caliber materials, and are engineered to meet leading manufacturing benchmarks. All Leone products are ISO and CE certified.



Leaf Expander

This expander looks like a rapid maxillary expander equipped with two or three Nickel Titanium MEMORIA® leaf springs allowing the release of calibrated and continuous forces to promote the expansion of the maxillary arch. Re-loading is needed when the two opposing leaf springs move apart: the intraoral activation, which must be done in the dental office, will put the springs in reload again thus allowing the release of the selected force. The expander is available in two models releasing respectively 450 g and 900 g. The package includes a special clip to keep the leaf springs compressed by facilitating the phases of work and development of treatment either for clinician or technician. Supplied with a swivel key with handle to facilitate the endoral activation by the professional.

Leaf Self Expander

Featuring all the advantages of the Leaf expander without the need of periodic reactivation. The work of this expander is assigned entirely to the flexible properties of the nickel titanium leaf springs releasing controlled and continuous forces. The choice of the expander is decided on the basis of the transverse discrepancy of the patient: therapy is therefore predetermined and no further action is required, nor by the clinician nor even by the patient. Available in two strength levels and two expansion capabilities to meet nearly all maxillary deficiencies.

Easy Access "Stealth" Expander

A1621 expander called “Easy Access” is comparable to the existing A0621 (Stealth), but once placed in the device, the body of the screw will remain closer to the palate with minimized overall dimensions; the head with activation holes remains in front position in respect to the guide pin for easier activation with the key. Provided with one swivel key with handle and instructions for use to facilitate the patient endoral activation.

POP Screws

Two embossed arrows on the body indicate the direction of opening. When using a color of acrylic resin similar to the polymer body, a white arrow provided with the plastic placement tab may be easily applied to make the direction of activation visible. The placement plastic tab, made of two pieces combined with a unique geometry, allows a perfect protection of the holes from the acrylic resin during the packing procedure and facilitates the removal after the curing cycle. The screw body is available in 5 colors.

Forward! Anti Snoring Kit

The first hardware kit specifically engineered for the antisnoring bimaxillary dorsal type appliance. This time-saving Kit includes all the necessary components for an easier and more precise construction of the appliance.

The upper screws are specifically designed to get a thrust on the inclined plane of the lower unit: the protrusive anterior portion is a metallic body perfectly inclined at 70°, while the back portion has extensive retention capacity for the acrylic to avoid breakage. The screw mechanism has a built-in stop that gives both perfect friction and stability during the forward movement, as well as preventing the screw from coming apart once 7 mm of maximum elongation is reached. The lower wings, one right and one left, are anatomically shaped for superior comfort and perfect matching with the 70° inclined plane of the upper screw bodies. The clear material is fully compatible with any orthodontic acrylic resin, while the inner metallic frame can be anatomically adapted and incorporated into the resin of the lower splint, to ensure superior strength for the mandibular advancement in adult patients. Each upper screw has an arrow clearly laser marked on metal front body, indicating the direction of activation to get the forward movement. The screws, both left and right, are specifically manufactured to get a single direction of activation on both sides and minimize errors. Each directional activation generates 0.1 mm advancement.

Pedodontic Bands

Designed to respond to the current needs of pediatric orthodontists and allow early treatment of patients with mixed or deciduous teeth. Available in 10 sizes, either for upper and lower, with LASER etched identification number. The medium temper of biomedical steel used to manufacture the bands allows the adaptation to the pyramidal shape of the primary molars by minimizing the problems of detachment. Necessary for the construction of palatal expanders and space maintainers