Keystone Ortho/Dental Digital Services

Bridging the Technological Gap for Labs and Practices

We are your digital department.

Whether you are a lab looking to go digital or a practice that wants to keep your lab even though they have not gone digital, we can help. Submit a scan and it will be processed, printed and shipped by the next day. The model can even be accompanied by a prescription so it will be the exact same kind of work flow a traditional lab is used to.

We are an outsourcing company with a twist. Because we can guarantee confidentiality of our customers, and are not a lab ourselves, practices can submit directly to us. Located outside of Philadelphia, we ship anywhere in the United States.

We charge $22 for a 3D printed Gypsum model (especially ideal for fixed appliances) or $20 for a resin model (printed on the EnvisionTEC Vector). Any scan we receive by 5PM EST will be shipped by 5PM EST the following business day. Shipping cost is up to you. We will charge what we get charged by the post office or you can supply us with pre paid shipping labels for no cost shipping.

Billing is easy. We maintain a credit card on file and charge it on the 8th day of each month. Invoices for the previous month will follow.

Members of the AOLP receive a 10% discount.


Other Digital Services

As your digital department, we offer the full array of digital services.

Digital Debonding: We take off brackets and wire digitally so the lab receives the model ready to work. $10 per arch and add one day.

Scanning of your plaster models: Send us your plaster models and we can scan and save them for seven years. $20 per set or as little as $9 per set in bulk--let us help you clean out those storage rooms.

Crystalign Work Flow: Used for spring aligners, simple movements or relapse cases, we can reset the teeth digitally (2-2) and send models or invisible trays along with out Crystalign Package that shows amount of movement of each tooth and amount of recommended IPR. See a video on the process here. (Video coming soon.)


For Patients

Retention is for life. Replacement of retainers is necessary. We cannot do anything about Hawleys, but we can help with invisible retainers that need to be replaced every 9-12 months.

From a scan or a set of models, we can replace invisible retainers on demand. We use the premium Zendura thermoforming material which is thinner (more comfortable) and lasts longer. We can even set up reminders for your patients and ship the replacements directly to them.

Set up cost is $125 which includes the cost of the the first set of retainers. Then, each replacement set is $100 (shipping to anywhere in the US included).

DISCLAIMER: The invisible retainers will fit the original scan. If the patient has had any movement, the new retainers will not fit. See your doctor if you have experienced relapse. We will not create any active appliances directly for the patient. Only passive ones.