EasyRx is a Universal Lab Prescription, Digital Workflow and 3D Software for orthodontic and dental practices and labs. Practices use EasyRx to centralize their lab prescription management and digital workflow in one application. Core features include submit, manage, and track all lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions for commercial and in-house labs, software and intra-oral scanner integrations, and digital workflow.

Labs implement EasyRx to offer a full-featured, fully integrated digital workflow platform for the practice to submit cases, both physical and digital.  Core features include receive, check-in and manage prescription workflow, lab management including invoicing, integrations, and digital workflow.

EasyRx 3D is the easiest and fastest STL basing software on the market today. Core features include trimming, basing, and labeling STL files to prepare print-ready 3D files. Additionally, EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal allows users to remove brackets from  STL files digitally.