2019 AOLP Conference

Save the Date! Thursday, April 4th through Saturday, April 6th.

The 2019 AOLP Conferecne will be held in conjunction with the DLAT in Grapevine, Texas. Check back for more information.


Below is a summary of the 2018 conference.


The Dental Laboratory Association of Texas were gracious hosts, as always, and, led by Cade Tippet, had separate conference rooms and schedules for ortho only clinics.

Chris Gajewski, Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab, opened the ortho conference with a clinic on how to run an orthodontic lab. It is a continuation of the clinic he gave last year on The New Orthodontic Lab. With the changes facing our industry, we need to adapt and, possibly for the first time, be business owners instead of just technicians with a bookkeeper.

Leone America sponsored Lance Dowdle of Excel Orthodontic Lab gave a clinic on their new leaf screw. Many people found it the highlight of the conference as Lance discussed not only the product but also the technique of placing and fitting bands on printed models, a source of trouble for many labs.

3Shape was next up to the plate. Carl Horrocks had a two hour lecture where he ran through the 2017 Ortho Suite. He took a scan from start to finish, basing it, prepping it for print, and creating a digital set up. Following the talk, he was pummeled by questions which he expertly answered.

The following day began as more of a free for all in an expanded conference room. It was a four hour hands on exhibit with various vendors.

Carl was set up with 3Shape scanners and software and was kept hopping showing off some of the advanced features and benefits of the ortho and dental suites.

Priscilla Mier of JBC and Company had her hands on class for pouring acrylic, with many people taking away bits and pieces of her expertise from her 50 years in the industry.

Lampert USA, with the help of Inman Lab, had the PUK3 Pulse Arc Welder on display. Gerhard [need last name] showcased the abilities of the PUK, how it differed from a laser welder, and why it should be a serious consideration in any lab.

The clinical portion of the conference was wrapped up with a round table discussion on pearls. As former president of the DLAT Ernesto Cardenas put it, a conference pearl is what you pick up from the clinics that you take back to your lab. If you take one thing back, it was worth it.

All of the above was mentioned. Most mentioned, however, was the fellowship, the community. The conference extended beyond clinics and classrooms and into the bars and meeting rooms and quiet talks among technicians. Pearls were to be found in the fellowship of the Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals.

The final part of the conference was the first meeting of the AOLP. Gajewski took it upon himself to do what many have been talking about for decades. He took the "build it and they will come" route from Field of Dreams. Working with his lawyer and personal funds-don't tell his wife-- he formed the legal non-profit association and created this website. But where would it lead?

His question was answered long before the room filled with people. He had been greeted in the first day by lab owners from around the country. A community came to Texas.

See Members Only for more information on the meeting.

April 2019


Without the help of our sponsors, the inaugural meeting of the AOLP would not have been nearly as successful. Thank you!

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