Developed by a Board Certified Orthodontist with 13 years experience, Dentagrafix is revolutionizing the clear appliance market. Dentagrafix uses a proprietary, patent-pending manufacturing process to create FDA Compliant, decorated plastic sheets for dental professionals and labs to fabricate unique and expressive retainers, aligners and mouthguards.

Patients love choices, especially on appliances they will wear for months or years. Dentagrafix takes something that is dull and ordinary and makes it fun and exciting, allowing patients to customize their orthodontic appliances with a growing selection of professionally designed patterns and licensed logos.

Dentagrafix thermoformable plastic sheets are sold directly to doctors, labs and dental supply companies for dental professionals and labs to fabricate customized appliances.

There is nothing like Dentagrafix in the market today. Differentiate your practice by offering Dentagrafix products.

Research shows that when patients are given an opportunity to personalize their experience they feel a sense of attachment and are more likely to wear their appliances. In addition, clear retainers easily get lost or misplaced. Our fun color and design options make finding the appliance effortless when not being worn, which should limit the need to pay for replacements. Dentagrafix products should help to improve the patient’s results while adding fun, style and a form of self-expression.