Become a Sponsor

Building an international association from the ground up cannot be done without the support of the community. The AOLP wishes to thank our sponsors for that support and thank potential sponsors for considering it. It is a bold and massive undertaking, but a necessary one. Thank you for being a part of it.



Benefits of Sponsorship 

Tangible benefits:

  • Webpage on the public site to display your featured products with links to your websites and catalogs. 
  • Logo on all advertising and promotional materials.
  • Invitation to all events
  • Feedback from the community on your products and services.
  • Featured news on the members only site.
  • Ability to post news and advertisements in our Facebook Groups that totals over 4,000 members worldwide

Intangible Benefits:

  • For too long, finding solutions to our issues have been a haphazard search on the net and calls to fellow lab owners. With your help, we hope to centralize the information.  Your sponsor pages will serve as a gateway for us to find the solutions we need quickly as well as news on new products and services.
  • As a community, the AOLP seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships. We have needed an association of our own for a long time. The time is now, especially with the radically changing industry. Your sponsorship will be seen and appreciated. Good will goes much further than mailings, email bursts or even sales people that drop in.
  • The relationship between supplier and end user is really a two way street. We will help you as you help us.


$2,500 annual