Let's Change Dentistry Together

3Shape is changing dentistry together with dental professionals across the world by developing innovations that provide superior dental care for patients.

Our portfolio of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental industry includes market leading scanning and design software solutions for dental labs as well as the multiple award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and the upcoming 3Shape X1 CBCT scanner.

3Shape History

Two graduate students founded the company in Denmark in the year 2000. Today, 3Shape has over 1,400 employees serving customers in over 100 countries from an ever-growing number of 3Shape offices around the world.

3Shape products and innovations continue to challenge traditional methods, enabling dental professionals to treat more patients, more effectively.


3Shape Orthodontic Solutions for Labs

3Shape orthodontic analysis and treatment-planning and appliance-design software helps your lab attract new customers and expand the services you provide. Coupled with 3Shape’s complete range of lab scanners, orthodontic labs can digitally plan treatment as well as design and manufacture orthodontic appliances, provide indirect bonding services and create and archive digital study models.

Tap into the Growing Clear Aligner Market

With 3Shape orthodontic software, your lab can perform setup and staging and get started with offering clear aligners* to your clients. Depending on the expertise of your lab, you can either design and manufacture in-house using our software or outsource design and/or production to 3Shape partners.

This puts you completely in charge of the budget, workflow and treatment. Any steps in the workflow can be done in-house and/or sent to 3Shape partners - you decide.

3Shape TRIOS Ready Ortho Program

The Ortho TRIOS Ready program promotes your orthodontic lab to orthodontists and tells them that you work with TRIOS digital impressions, digital orthodontics and much more. To connect, you need to be using 3Shape software. Participation in the TRIOS Ready Ortho program is absolutely free: https://www.3shape.com/en/customer-programs/3shape-ready-programs/trios-ready-ortho

More information about 3Shape and orthodontic solutions for labs:


3Shape Academy on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/3Shapetrainingvideos

If you would like to have a 3Shape reseller contact you about our orthodontic solutions for labs, please contact:


3DBioCAD  https://3dbiocad.com/contact-us/

Great Lakes Orthodontics https://www.greatlakesortho.com/contact-us/


Argen https://www.argen.com/contact-us

Other countries


*3Shape Ortho System™ clear aligner workflow and 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio workflow pending FDA clearance.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.